Coyotes--Where do they eat their kill?--Sad Update :(


Peaches Lee

13 Years
Sep 19, 2010
Well, one of my cats didn't come in last night. He's known to stay out the latest and venture out the farthest. He always comes in at night. I have been hearing coyotes just about every night. So, I'm worried. I've looked at my fields trying to find some sort of evidence, but nothing. So, it got me wondering when coyotes make a kill, where do they eat there kill? Do they drag it off or devour it there? Thanks for any help or advice.
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Sorry about your cat and coyotes will indeed eat them if they get a chance....

They will take their prey somewhere out of sight they deem safe to eat it sometimes quite a distance with prey that is not heavy....
They carry it away if it is near any human habitation. You are very unlikely to find any remains of your cat.

If you have coyotes in the area and you let your cat outside, they are going to kill the cat eventually, even if they didn't get him last night.
Thanks for your replies. I didn't expect to find any remains, but you know how it is, ever hopeful to have some closure.

I have lived on this farm my whole life and have never had a coyote get one of my cats, but I can see how it could have happened, as he was probably hunting right next to the woods.
dont count your cat out too soon.. e may be up a tree somewhere give him a couple of days..

we have found that depending on what the kill is and its size they may kill hide it and then come back.. they do that quite often with lambs..

good luck Watch out for your chickens... those will be one big juicy mouthful no need to take it back to the den..

i'm hoping he's okay and just hiding someplace... is he fixed?

do you guys have vultures/scavenger birds in your area? that's one way to guess where remains might be... follow the birds =/
me and 2 other neighbors used to feed over 100 feral cats. Over a period of a few months, (bout a year ago) they all disappeared, one at a time. Gone.......... no clue
we live out at the lake, so not that many houses.....

pam in TX
Yes he is neutured. He is 11 yrs old too, so kind of a seasoned hunter, wise about things. But I don't know. I did see some turkey vultures flying over the field and kind of was hoping to see them land but they just drifted on the currents. I will still keep an eye out.

I'm hoping he's okay. I do worry about my chickens because they free-range and if the coyote(s) got an easy meal with my cat, maybe they'll be back for some more and who knows how close they'll come! Everyone is in a really secure coop (concrete wall and floors) in my barn. But I'm wondering if my cat was taken at around dusk when everyone is starting to come in rather than during the night.

Pinkwindsong--thanks for the info--I will make another round in my fields/woods. Perhaps take my Mastiff with me to help scent mark or maybe locate a kill area. I was thinking there may at least be some blood right?

Pam--that is shocking! My former boss used to have a lake house in TX I can't remember the name of it, it was southwest of Dallas about an hour or so. I do know the coyotes are rampant there. I lost two cats there and my neighbor lost her Chihuaha--didn't take it as the lady chased them off but the dog died of injuries.

Thanks for all the support.
Hoping your cat makes it home. Here in Westchester co. NY. there are very strict gun and hunting laws. No one is allowed to hunt, if you are caught jail time is very possable. Because of that coyotes have no fear.They have attacked children in their own backyards.The guy next to me found his cats head 10 feet from his house. The coyote was so bold he didn't even feel the need to hide while eating his cat.

For a long while coyotes have been few and far between, usually passing through without much ado. This has kind of been an eye opener. I'm lucky in that I have a I do have some guns and have a little practice shooting range and live next to Game Lands and coyotes I think are open all year. I live in PA on the border of NY so I do notice some differences in law. Maybe since your neighbor found part of his cat, I may too. Thank you for your kind words about my cat.

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