I watched a very brazen coyote run off with one of my best hens she ran right down the middle of the road houses on either side so no shooting.It was 11:30 in the afternoon ! If you see them shoot first its your only hope !
Looked out my window last night at 6 pm and there standing in my yard and looking at the chickens on the other side of the fence was a coyote. He was picking out which one he wanted for dinner. I ran and screamed and chased the thing off. I kept the chickens in the coop today and hated to do that, but just can't stand the idea of losing any chickens. I have a 5' fence with an electric fence around it at about 4'. They could dig under it so I am going to run some more electric fence about 1' off the ground too. Any other ideas? Besides shoot the thing. I will but not sure I'll get a chance to but I sure do want it dead!
I've lost 2 of mine to a coyote. The loners are the worst. They will come in the middle of the day bold as brass. My girls were only a few feet from the house. The first time I had ran in to hit the bathroom and pow. The second time I was actually outside with our dog! That's how bold this thing was. My hubby had to come out to run one off because it wasn't going to leave otherwise. Just not afraid of anything. If I ever spot it, I hope I have the gun ready because it's mine. Nasty boogers.
We had to get a guard dog. I had coyotes coming up to my back yard while my little 20 pound 2 year old, and my 30 pound 4 and 6 year old were playing. We shot at them, shot one of them and killed it, and they still kept coming back. We got a big mean dog who loves the kids and hates coyotes and they don't come around any more. Now I think my dog might be eating the eggs. LOL
He gets a couple eggs a day ANYway, LOL! I have plenty right now and I usually give him one in the morning and one at night, on his food. So I'm happy to share...just not *all*.

And I hate coyotes!

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