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    Dec 9, 2008
    Has anyone been warned about the newer CPV2c stain of parvo? It mutated, and has proven more deadly because the animals haven't developed immunity to the new mutation? The older vaccines do provide a bit of crossover immunity, but no newly developed vaccines just for the mutation have come out yet.
    I keep my dog's vaccines updated every 6mo just because of going to shows at times. If your dogs need updated, I would do it now. A little crossover immunity is better than nothing. My vet likes Intervet vaccines, but anything is better than nothing. Many people like Fort Dodge too I personally don't particularly like Sherling-Plough because too many of my little dogs have had high fevers from those vaccines.
    Parvo is horrible anyway, and the new strain will make it worse. It has hit the south more so far, but is in all fifty states. I read a report that one commercial kennel lost 600 canines in one night.

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