Crack in Egg AGAIN!

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  1. i just checked under my broodies and found this egg with a crack in it. It's weepy. i candled and see a chick moving inside. Is there any hope? Is there a way to patch it where the broodies won't crack it further? If i put it in an incubator would it have a chance?

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    my crack looked identical but wasn't weeping. If you want to try to save it I would take some wax and melt it over the cracks to seal the egg. I would then put it in the bator. I got my cracked egg shipped to me, this is what mine looked like on day 18 after I used a razor to carefully scrape away the wax

    good luck [​IMG]


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    here is the pic of the inside of the shell, you can see the dimple where the crack was and the chick on the floor next to it
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  3. Krista - i was just reading your thread but had not yet gotten to the part where it hatched. Congratulations! i just fired up my bater and will give this a try. i can't not try. There's a heartbeat in there!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    don't put it back under the hen or it will get smashed all the way.
  5. If it's weepy the inner membrane has been punctured. While miracles do happen, it's HIGHLY unlikely this egg will produce a chick. More likely it will develop an infection inside the egg.
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    I agree OTG- but as long as she keeps a close eye on it I don't see the harm. I might not do this if it could compromise an existing batch in the bator, ah, who am I kidding, I can't ever toss an egg [​IMG] . Seriously though, especially if you have other eggs in the bator, you need to keep an eye out and candle to check for infection, otherwise you will have a big mess [​IMG]
    I repeat, mine didn't seep, but miracles do happen [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Good luck
  7. Well, it is in an incubator all by itself. My broodies were supposed to be doing the hatching. i don't know why i convince myself that sticking eggs under a broody means i won't have to do anything. But Tom's Kentucky Silkies are so pretty, i could not resist buying some of his hatching eggs.

    Last time i let a broody hatch eggs, it was a bit of a disaster. Put them under Dusty, then Guinevere joined her. They actually did a good job on the incubation part. But the minute the first chick hatched, they had no idea what it was and started trying to peck it to death. i had to frantically grab the chick, get the girls off the eggs, fire up an incubator, set up a brooder. i was hysterical. But, the outcome was four beautiful Showgirls and a gorgeous white Silkie.

    Anyhow, sorry to be long winded. Question - how will i know if the egg gets infected? What will that look like?
  8. Bad news. Got home just a while ago to find the incubator close to 103 degrees. Opened to see some yellow liquid had leaked from the egg, and the bator was smelling a might bit nasty. So, decided to abort the rescue mission. Took out the egg, wrapped it in a paper towel, then a zip lock plastic bag, and put it in the freezer. Thinking if there is still life inside, this would be the best way to put it quietly to sleep.

    i feel bad for the little guy/girl. But i guess this was just one of those freak casualties of broody hatching. i did add some extra cush to the nest box to try to keep the other eggs safe. Would sure hate for an egg to break with a chick any further along than this.
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    You tried [​IMG] not much else to do. Sorry it didn't work out. I cracked one by dropping a thermometer, I felt HORRIBLE. At least you didn't do the actual break. good luck with the rest of your hatch.
  10. i cannot believe the bad luck with this clutch! A couple days after the first cracked egg, i checked under the broodies to make sure there were not any others. One slipped from my hand and cracked. :mad: Luckily, upon candling, there was no chick inside.

    Then this morning i checked and saw one broody off the nest, and another hen had crawled in the nest. i found two extra eggs had been laid in the nest. Then saw one of the hatching eggs laying the coop floor, with a crack in it! It was not totally cold, but cool. Upon candling, i found it does have a chick inside - alive or not, i don't know. We are on Day 18 here.

    Anyhow, my husband helped me seal the crack with wax. It was not weeping at all. i have it in the incubator, which is coming up to temp pretty quickly. He suggested, and i agreed, that once we have a stable temperature, to take the rest of the eggs away from the broodies and just incubate them the rest of the way.

    It's very disappointing. i had hoped to see little silkie chick heads popping out from under mom's feathers. But i just don't want to take anymore chances.

    If i get the urge to buy anymore hatching eggs, will someone please smack me? [​IMG]

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