Cracked Beak Partially Hanging, piece of beak came off … Now SICK?


7 Years
May 6, 2013
HI all.
I have a hen whose top beak is cracked and partially hanging. I will try to post pics later.
It is not bleeding a lot or effecting her eating.

Will the beak repair it itself or is there something I can do?
Is there something I can apply to avoid infection?


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The broken piece came off before I would repair it. It is only a small piece (smaller than the above picture) but it was bleeding a little when it first happened.
I applied Vetericyn.
She was fine until this morning.

She seems to be feeling sick. She was not eager to come out of the run or eat. She did slowly come out but she is just standing next to the run not doing anything. The feathers near her back side seem somewhat puffed up (not tail feathers).
She also keeps sticking her tongue out and opening her mouth.

Does this sound like anything? Should I try an oral antibiotic? I have nutridrench, should I give her some of that?



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