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    Apr 22, 2008
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    I have an 8 week old chick - i think it's a rooster. I also have 9 other hens all in the same chicken tractor. When i went out to check on them today I noticed that the rooster's top beak is cracked and has some blood around it. The mouth still closes together like it should, he's eating but i'm not sure if i should do anything about it? it looks similar to when you catch a finger or toenail and sort of rips it and then lays it back in place but still shows a crack. He's the most aggressive of the bunch but i don't notice any injuries on any of the others. They are in a chicken tractor that has galvanized 1/4" square wire around it. All i can think is that maybe he got it stuck in the wire and broke it trying to pull it out? They haven't been let out to free roam yet so it has to be something from within the tractor.

    Thanks for any suggestions,
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    I would separate him... do you have a dog carrier or such? when he is away from the others and you are bringing him feed and such you will find he will become more used to you and your handling of him. If the beak is bleeding then the crack has gone into the "quick" and this is very will therfore need to feed soft feed and you can do this by adding cooked human oatmeal (in water no salt or sugar) to his feed > it will be easier for him to scoop it up. Wait a few days till the pain has gone away and then see if clipping it back (do not clip so far that it will breach the "quick") will take care of that crack...if it doesnt then repost here with a pic.
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    If the beak is real bad, you might CAREFULLY (VERY CAREFULLY) use some super glue on the crack. This will hold the beak together long enough for it to heal.

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