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    Aug 12, 2008
    Bancroft, Ontario
    We have 7 hens (3.5 laying) and a rooster in an unheated coop. So far I have been dumping the laying pellets into a 2 gallon feeder, spilling a few each time and keeping the rest of the bag in a dead freezer. When its really cold I add a bit of cracked corn as well.
    After a few years of this I have finally made a larger hopper that will hold more than a bag of pellets, which leaves me with the small hopper for a spare OR I could fill the small feeder with corn. I just don't know if they will eat the corn and leave the pellets.
    Any suggestions? They also get a dish of table scraps (greens mostly) and a bit of scratch when I want to lure them out from underfoot.
    My goal is to move the nesting boxes close to the door and have the feeder at the far end of the coop, the way things should have been all along....
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    They will eat what they want when they want. I wouldn't worry about it much. The corn is not necessary for heat, so if you want it separate fine, if not mix it in with the pellets. I would move it where you want it. They will adjust.


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    May 23, 2008
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    For these cold winter months I mix cracked corn in with my all flock pellets as well as a handful of cat food or dog food and sometimes even sweet feed.
    They pick thru it in hanging feeders and if any feed gets scratched out onto floor they usually clean it up by end of day. I do not free feed mine, just feed in the am and check to see that it is finished by evening.

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