Cracked egg/ dripped candle wax on is now hatching!

Parson's Wife

Blessed Abundantly
15 Years
Jan 22, 2008
I just had to post this.
I cracked (no leakage) a viable egg Sunday night. I had read on here (Thanks BYC) that you can drip candle wax on the crack and it may is!
I'm so thrilled...thought I had killed it!
Will get pics. will see how well this one does...but it sure is working on coming out!
:| Update on chick.... it hatched this seems to have a "hernia". Am watching closely. I feel awful, I'm certain it's because I cracked it! Will post a pic when it dries will show the egg too.

I have 12 babies now, and 2 more rocking.
Edited to add, there are 18 total eggs in this batch.
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