Cracked Egg Inside Hen?


8 Years
Aug 23, 2011
Yesterday I noticed that my Jersey Giant had runny discharge from her backend, and when I checked her a few hours later she was obviously eggbound. We put her in our warm basement with a heating pad under some straw and applied a warm washcloth to her bottom. After an hour (this was around 9 pm) she passed her egg. When I went to get her this morning, there was another egg beside the first one -- but it didn't have a shell. It was completely intact and looked like somebody just cracked an egg into a frying pan. Is it possible that that egg formed without a shell, or do I need to be concerned that she has a broken shell inside of her? I would think if that egg passed through a broken shell that it would be all messed up, but it looked perfect.

Today she was walking around and eating fine, but I did notice her acting broody on a nest ( a few of my other hens are broody right now too), and at evening time she went up to roost before everyone else did. She isn't straining like she was last night, but she usually doesn't lay around as much. I'm sure she's probably tired from the stress of yesterday, but I hope to put my mind at ease about her situation. She seemed fine on the roost, although her tail feathers were a little quivery. I'll probably end up putting her in the basement again tonight, but I'd really like to hear some feedback.

Thanks . . .

Never had a hen get egg bound before, so I'm really hoping I caught it in time and saved her.
Hello and welcome!
Just wanted to send you a little note regarding your post.
Personally, I don't know but have always wondered about this type of situation.
How it happens, what to do, etc. I'm sure someone will jump in here soon and be able to shed some light and offer suggestions/advise.
I'll try to follow so I can learn too. Hang in there, both of you! Verna
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I have a barred rock that had issues. Sometimes there were soft shelled eggs or thin brittle shelled ones and once she had a shell-less one. I noticed she was off and had eggy goop coming out. I did the soak and kept her inside and gave her yogurt and cheese to get calcium into her. Some crush tums into water and give to them. After a bit she seemed fine. I have to make sure she gets extra calcium. I usually give her crushed egg shells and I have not had an issue with her in over 6 months now. If I don't give her egg shells or cheese...the shells start thinning again.
ETA: None of my others seem to need so much extra as her. I tried crushed oyster shell and she would not touch it.
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Thanks for the replies. She's walking around fine this morning, so I'm hoping for the best.
I'll try to give her some extra calcium as suggested too. I know she does have a calcium imbalance because sometimes she gets those hard bumps on her eggs like sand. Maybe she just doesn't metabolize it well?

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