Cracked egg quandry!


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Okay, we've already established that I stink at candling.

Last night, on day 11, I noticed that one of the eggs in my Brinsea eco advance appears to have a few hairline cracks. I had noticed a few dried "bubbles" on the surface when I set the eggs (only second time incubating), but didn't think much about them. The bubbles are in the same location as the *maybe* cracks.

I think I saw some development in the egg, but I'm not 100% positive.

I don't know what to do!!

On one hand I want to toss the egg, to avoid a disaster should it explode. On the other hand I hate to throw out a perfectly good egg.

What to do? What to do?????
With my experience, I leave it for one or two days to watch.

I have had some cracked eggs hatch.

If it oozes some nasty brown liquid, you wipe it away, and it oozes more yucky brown stuff, pitch it.

The one that got cracked and hatched was near the end, close to the hatch date and it didn't break the shell or inner membrane (I accidentally dropped it when turning eggs, slipped out of my hand).

That's what I would advise.

Some eggs had a small hole and brown stuff oozed out, or some like dried yolk oozing out. So I pitch those.

Or you could just wait for the due date. We pitch all eggs past the due date (ours hatch a day or 2 earlier, probably because we keep the temp. a little higher 102)

But there is always the risk of bacterial contamination to the other eggs if you leave a bad one in there too long.

Good luck !

if it doesn't look normal (bubbles ?), there is probably something wrong with it (the inner membrane is supposed to remain intact until the chickie hatches out)

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