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    Oct 16, 2011
    ok. so my two year old wouldnt leave incubator alone so i moved it as high as i could and the little monkey CLIMBED up to it. needless to say he cracked two eggs. one was obviously bad it was leaking so i took that one out. the other one is cracked but the membrane is intact and so is aircell. i candled it 48 hours after it happened and duckling is still moving and active. only on day 14 there any chance duckling could make it. i only have one other egg and wont have any other ducklings to live with it. has anyone had succesful hatches from cracked eggs? please dont respond with any you should watch your kid, dont punish him, etc....this question is about the egg i know how to handle my son!
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    patch it with elmers glue and it should be fine, i wouldnt use wax cus it melts during incubation, he chick in my avatar pic came from a cracked egg
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    I have heard of someone using melted candle wax to seal the crack...I think the most important thing is ensuring that there isnt too much moisture escaping from the egg, but this is not my area of expertise...hope someone can offer you prooven advice soon!
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    Dec 22, 2009
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    Get a little Elmer's or candle wax (preferably unscented) to patch the crack. If you use wax, go for a harder wax like they make tapers out of since the container wax like jar candles can have lower melting points. This will help prevent evap occurring too fast and seal off the entry way for bacteria. You may want to boost humidity just a tad as well, say an extra 5%. Keep on incubating just like you were and candle again in about a week to see if the duckling is still going and growing.
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    Dec 22, 2009
    Liquid Band Aid is also a alternative.
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    Quote:Sorry to hear about your misfortune.. In May I had an incubator full of 16 day old embryos as well as 3 day old eggs.. One of my cats decided they were going to jump on the incubator and knocked the whole thing down, wedging it between the box it was sitting on and the TV stand.. I had I think 24 or 26 embryos and I only lost one to the actual fall.. I felt really bad because when the egg cracked open, it was still alive... MOST of the rest of the eggs were cracked and I didn't hold out much hope for them... I had 3 eggs that literally looked like someone tried to push their thumb into the egg.. However, after I took a deep breath and calmed myself down ( I was crying hysterically), I grabbed he only candle in the house, a scented jar candle and began covering all the cracks, including the pushed in spots... those 3 eggs had more wax than shell... I honestly expected all of them to die before I put them into lockdown but when I candled them, they were moving around like crazy... I have no idea how long the incubator was knocked over since it happened overnight but I had 21 of them hatch, including the worst ones... Unfortunately, the ones that were on day 3 didn't make it.. However upon inspection, I cracked every one of them open (there was 14 when I set them), only 4 had ANY development... No veins, no blood, nadda! Cracking an egg open on day 3 of incubation should have shown something if they had started to develop so I blame it on shipping, not the incident... Anyway, here are pics that I took when I waxed them and then the chicks that hatched... [​IMG] Good luck to you!


    This one hatched!

    Believe it or not, this is a pip! LOL

    This is after the hatch was over...

    Goddess [​IMG]

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