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    May 6, 2015
    So, my hens are doing a great job and egg production is increasing and getting steady. I only have 4 hens so I mean I am going from 1 in the morning to 2 and this morning I had 3. I have two nesting boxes for the 4 hens. Since I was only getting one or two a day, the eggs were in one or the other box. No problem. One I found this morning was on the floor of the coop up against the wall. I am think/guessing one of my hens maybe laid her first egg and didn't get to the nesting box or something, but the egg was cracked. It was in tack and nothing was leaking out, but the shell was cracked. My question, is the egg still good? I don't plan to leave it in the fridge for long. In fact, I might eat it tonight. I never bought eggs in the store that were cracked so I am just wondering if this egg is still good or should I not bother and just throw it out.

    On another note, I went a day with out getting an egg and the next day there was one egg that I would say was at least double the size of the others if not more. This egg is huge! Sitting next to the others it looks like an ostrich egg. Will the egg size vary that much or was this just an odd ball egg?

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    Apr 22, 2015
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    I wouldn't eat a cracked egg myself, unless I broke it myself. Mary
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    I usually cook cracked eggs and feed them back to the chickens.

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