cracked eggs....

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    Jul 15, 2011
    I went to boil a dozen eggs the other day and as I put them in the water a lot of them started floating.
    These were eggs from our friends hens as ours are molting or have babies and not laying right now.
    I know eggs that float are not good to eat. However these were supposed to be less than a week old and unwashed/collected daily so they should have been safe to eat.........
    I did notice that some of them had hairline cracks in them so small and thin that nothing was leaking out but Im sure air got in there. And they were probably fertile eggs.
    I didnt use them for boiling but we did use them to make scrambled eggs the other day and they all looked and smelled just fine upon cracking.

    So why would they float or what could cause eggs to float??
    Obviously a crack but not all were cracked that I could see......

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