Cracked "weeping, stinky egg"

Yard full o' rocks

10 Years
Mar 24, 2009
Cartersville, Georgia
I am on day 5 of a batch of Barred Rocks, BBS Rocks and Penciled Rocks. I opened the 'bator this morning to candle the eggs and got "blasted" by a horrible smell. As I took the eggs out to check them, I found the "offender". It was a cracked, slightly weeping BR egg. It had not exploded or anything, but it did smell horrible. All my other eggs (except 3) are developing well. My question is, "would this egg have contaminated my other eggs?" Am I at risk for a major bacterial problem or anything like that? THANKS for any advise!!!
It's possible but I wouldn't worry about it, if they explode it's a major mess. We just take them out and toss them. Now that school is out though you might be able to make a few bucks from that egg, you could sell it to some local kids. Just make sure they like you.

Steve in NC
Last night I found my second ever stinky egg. I opened the bator and wheeeeeweeee yuck! My DH about had a fit.....saying throw the whole thing outside! LOL I haven't had them affect the rest of my hatches yet though. Good Luck

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