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    May 22, 2008
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    I started looking through nccatnip's thread on Christmas crafts and thought, wow, I'm still thinking about Halloween!

    I usually make Mexican sugar skulls around the beginning of the month for decorations throughout October.

    For Halloween, I make a treat bag for my niece, nephews, and little boy... I'd love to add more plain & simple, but odd, "not quite what they look like" type crafts to their bags. The other stuff (play dough, candy, temporary tattoos, plastic creepy crawlies, etc) has changed from year to year, but their two faves and mainstays are the crafts:

    - Halloween search-a-word puzzle (that I make up, print on semi-transparent white vellum, and tie into a roll).

    - Halloween walnuts (carefully cracked walnut shells that have been glued shut with Halloween jokes printed on little vellum strips inside).

    I'm thinking of blowing out some eggs, decorating, and filling them with chocolate, confetti, or something. I'm enamored with the idea of making little, non-edible Halloween "sugared" egg dioramas OR halloween kaleidoscopes, but that might be too time-intensive. If I figure out how to do it, I'll tell y'all how.

    I also get to make my son's costume. Last year, he dressed up as our chocolate lab. I bought a brown, zip-up hoodie sweatsuit, sewed on ears, a tail, fake collar with detachable fake leash, and put a real bone-shaped dog tag to match Beauregard's. This year, he wants to be Bug-a-Boo (monster under the bed). So I'm getting a dark blue zip-up hoodie sweatsuit, and I'll sew on red felt lips, a red felt tail, claws on the sleeves and pant cuffs, lots of felt teeth, and lots of eyeballs. I'll use a black permanent fabric marker to stripe the arms & legs and make a black, fake fur vest for the body.

    I so totally dig Halloween.
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    We go all out for halloween i have a graveyard with several stones, this i will work on a crypt.
    We work with thunder, scary sounds,fog, lightning,,(strobe light), moving probs... the whole nine yards. I also have a fake barbwirefence with skulls on top of the fence posts. I had people run in fear.. grin..[​IMG] I need 4 weeks to make the three costumes for my kids, last year taylor was a high tech witch, sammy was Tinkerbell(with moving wings) and Basy tada was batman.

    here is a link for cool home made probs and more
  3. while everyday is Halloween for me, it is also my anniversary. I have lots of crafts for the big day...I will share em, and try to post some pics too!
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    While I don't do any actual crafts, Halloween is a big deal at my house. My birthday is the week before so we usually have a super big bash. Totally decorated out, haunted trail, bonfire, hayride, you name it.

    In the foyer greeting all our guests, we usually have blacklights on.


    This is the front yard, taken during the daytime. My kids said we took is too far when we brought in the dirt for the graveyard.


    I already have plans for the upcoming Halloween. It's gonna be so much fun.


    Edit: Oops didn't know my witch was sideways, not sure how to fix that.
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    Jan 26, 2008
    Halloween all ready? Jeez summer sure dose fly [​IMG]
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    Thank you so much for bringing up my other addiction [​IMG]

    Out of the all my prop's, including the motion detecting animated ones, one of my favorites is the least expensive. Every year I grow mammoth sky scraping sunflowers & by the time Halloween comes around they are spend. I pop their heads off & remove all the leaves just leaving free standing “stakes” & stick skulls on top, gives the ole homestead a nice feel from the road.

    I have created a bit of a cave effect coming up my walk & love the scare affect of hiding the motion detecting animated deep in the bushes so they seem to come out of nowhere.

    Last year I took the day off to do the set up - went through more then 100+ batteries..... It’s funny cause I have older kids more scared then the younger ones, the young ones seem too shock proof these days [​IMG]

    Edit to add - I have the same witch, after Halloween I stock up on the costumes (@25-50-75% off - getting the nicer stuff mind you) & re-dress most of my prop's - their clothing is usually rather cheap looking - it's the only time in my life that I liked dressing up "dolls"......
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