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    Jun 18, 2008
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    So not exactly sure which area to put this under. I am putting together my yearly costume for horse and I for the fall costume classes at shows AND the fall parade.

    In years past we have been a hawiian theme, and a chicken and nest. Its kinda a big deal to me as we have won a trophy each year at the parade. We won best costume with the Hawiian theme :Judges REALLY liked our coconut bra! We won most unusual with the chicken and egg I was a chicken and she being white I made the egg.

    This year We are going as Wilma and Dino from the FLintstones. I got my dress last year for .50 at a yard sale. SHE is going to be my purple dinosaur. SHe's grey (really grey and white pintabian), and SHE doesn't care WHAT I do with her!!! So I COULD paint her purple BUT the parade is the first week of November. So rinsing her off WILL be a problem. So I thought purple sleazy hood and sheet, adn MAYBE tailbag.

    SO here is where I am stuck... HOW am I going to do the big pointy tail? I am stuck there , and I need the stand up plates ir fins along her neck and down her back. I thought of using heavy cardboard, and I won;t need to paint them as they are supposed to be brown. SO how is the best way to attach them to the silky material and how to make her pointy tail?

    Thanks for any help and sorry ig this in in wrong area.
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    Quote:I would hot glue the cardboard [​IMG] I would braid her tail and use styling gel to point the tip. Then spray die it purple?
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    Jul 26, 2010
    I'd use some lightweight plastic pieces, as cardboard could get awful droopy if it rains.

    Plastic can be painted easily, but I'd make tight fabric covers for them and sew the covers to her costume; a flat piece of plastic sewed along the spine can help keep the plates upright. I'd take a couple storage bins that we are going to toss out for being broken(or get 'rippled' plates by using that cheap plastic 'roofing' stuff), and cut out large flat pieces for the 'plates' that go down the back and tail.

    I'd cut two identical long tapered pieces of shiny purple cloth, sew them together wrong sides out, and turn it right side out, and stuff it with quilt batting to puff it out like a fat tail(the batting would stay fairly poofy if it got wet). I'd sew in a plastic hoop if I needed to help the tail keep its shape, but just cutting a curve into the fabric pieces could do a lot of that - so could 'doing up' her tail with a vetwrap, like a pregnant mare tail and fastening it to her tail with some soft ties.

    To keep the tail on the horse, I'd sew it right to the top part of the costume, so it made one continuous purple...thing....
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    Jun 18, 2008
    Asheboro NC
    Quote:THAT is brilliant and Yes I DO have a plastic tote that's dying. But the tail , man that is the way to go.

    Wellsummer I knew you were analytical but I didn't know you were crafty TOO!
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    Jul 26, 2010
    Well, I am not really crafty, but I usually have this weird ability of being able to figure out some way to make something work. That's basically what I did all my professional life.

    You know that scene in Apollo 13 where the astronauts have to make a device to scrub carbon dioxide out of the air in the space capsule, and all they have is a bunch of junk like a trash bag, a piece of pastic tubing and a Tang bottle?

    My friend and I were watching it and she said, 'You wrote that part, didn't you, you spazz?'

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    For the tail you could braid it around so type of wire to make it curve. Like the Wendy's girl did her pig tails
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    Sep 23, 2008
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    Quote:Thats what I was thinking too

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