Craigslist in Indiana has it all!!

i nominated it for best of craigslist lol.
I am ok, glad to see you back, I know there were some issues befor, hope it's resolved!
I just found out I am ging to be a grandma
Awh thanks !! Yeah a few issues here & there, but ive been so stressed & some of those issues were just making it worse. But Im okay now ! Lol. CONGRATS !!!! Its not that bad, im sure. I know my mother LOVES being a grandma. Came a little early for her as I had my daughter at the young age of 17, but it was a blessing. When is the mommy to be due ?!
Dog Poop - Limited Supply (My backyard)

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Date: 2009-06-11, 10:37PM EDT

I have a great assortment of dog poop. It is scatter all around the yard, so please be prepared to labor for it. A variety of sizes, shapes, and shades of brown will be found.

First come, first serve.


Its still there when i click on it. Pretty funny if you ask me !
Post was removed from Craigslist before I got to see it :-( Now...I'm just going to have to sit and wonder what someone was giving away FREE.

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