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    help please! i bought 3 chicks last weekend at the feed store, and today when we were there, there was one more who needed a home (with me, of course). when i brought the new little gal home, i put her box in the brooder with the other 3. after a little bit, i put my sweetest little chick in with the new one and they got on really well. i put another and then the last in with the new chick making sure everyone did well together. for about two hours everything was good. but now, one of my first chicks is being really cranky. she was more feisty this morning anyway, jumping around and scratching in the shavings. now she's nipping at me and the other 3 chicks quite aggressively. is this normal behavior? should i separate them and introduce them again differently? should i just let her do her thing because they're establishing pecking order? for the last week, she's seemed to be low chick on the totem... i'm probably overreacting - these are my first chicks as an adult. we had chickens when i was little, but my job was to chase them around the yard and collect eggs, mom always took care of them...

    thanks for any ideas!

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