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Jun 26, 2009
in Wisconsin somewhere

Last summer I put a new latch on the chicken coop the kind that a long piece of wood pivots on a long nail and latched on the outside of the coop. ??? Well my smart alic 9 year old asked what would happen if it swung locked when you walked in? I told him that that would never happen but also said that I guess we're gonna have to bring a cell phone in the coop with us.......... Well............

this morning (and the first time) I got locked in our coop, it was the funniest thing. The stinken latch swung shut just like my 9 year old said it would. I was in the coop and didn't even know till I went to walk out and pushed the door and then splatted into the door cause it didn't move. I stood there for a second like
I didn't have my phone. and all I could say was crap!! My 4 and 2 year olds were in the house alone. My husband was gone and I just ran out to check for eggs!

Then I remembered....... when my 9 year old made that comment my 6 year old said that he could get out and wanted us to lock him in. so of course we did, we were curoius as to how this "6" year old was going to pull off this magic trick. and he did too. we locked him in and he got out in 2.2 sec. you see he was to only one that could see that there was a hole straight through the door right under the latch. He stuck his finger through the hole flipped up the latch.

all I have to say is "I Thank God that he made kids short"



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Jan 23, 2009
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OMG! Today must be the day! I got locked in a stall this morning. I was thinking, man, will this be embarrassing if I have to call and wake up the owner at 5 am because I locked myself in! Worst part is, the stalls have an "L" shaped pin that goes over and down to lock. I must have just hit the door hard enough to make it slid into the U bolt and then fall down. Fortunately, the stalls have 1x1 metal square fronts and I could just get my fingers out to shift the bolt........Good thing too since there weren't any short 6 year olds handy!!!


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May 11, 2009
Cincinnati, Ohio
LOL -- To Funny!!! And I have long said it, when we think kids don't know things because, well, they're kids... think again. They are smart, they know things, they know more than they say. And how smart of you to listen to them.



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Feb 2, 2010
Too funny! After my DH finished our coop/run I chose the type of lock that locks itself when the door closes and yes the lock is on the outside of the door. Well, this isn't an issue for me because I just slip my hand through the fence and unlock the door well then men in my family are not able to do this so easily. My dad when in one day because he said my flock looked hungry
(he just wanted to feed them) and he got locked in
and had to use a stick he found in the run to open the door!! My DH had not went in the chicken kingdom without me so he didn't even think about the men in the family having bigger hands so after he locked himself in the coop he finally made us a wire attached to the lock so we can use it from the inside.
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