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I just got my new english bulldog puppy yesterday. Everything is going pretty good so far. The only accidents she had so far was during the night. I'm going to divide the crate to make a smaller place. She seems to whine after peeing. I am able to put her in her crate once she has fell asleep in my lap. She usually wakes up while putting her in so I sit beside the crat with the door only opened enough to put my hand in to relax her till she falls back to sleep. If she is awake and I need to put her in the crate for a bit while I do something she starts whining real loud. I wait till she calms down before opening the door. I still need to get her use to it for when I'm gone. I did read to feed her in the crate or give her a kong toy stuff with peanut butter (only offered in crate for special treat) to keep her mind off of other stuff. I do put her nylabone in the crate but she isn't to interested in it. I was wanting to know what other stuff to try to get her to calm down. I have her crate outside in the hallway by the bedroom. My husband has allergies and doesn't want it in the room and cause he needs to get up for work in the morning. I'm not worried about the peeing in the crate problem cause I can find ways to deal with that. Just the whining that I'm concerned about now.
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Put a sweatshirt or a blanket that you've used/worn in there, so she can smell you. The ticking clock is good too. Otherwise, ignore it, and it will eventually stop. Don't respond to it and accidentally train her to whine to summon your attention.
You could put something in the crate that smells like old t-shirt you've worn, or something like that so they can snuggle up to it.
How old is she?

FWIW, puppies here learn crate training by default. I think you are making a mistake by letting her fall asleep outside the crate. Some crying is going to happen, but usually it doesn't last very long.

With younger puppies, I line the crate with thick newspaper, because yes, they will relieve themselves in there until they are about 9-10 weeks old. I have NEVER had any puppy that did not stop soiling in the crate and start asking to come out to go potty by the time they are 10 weeks. I don't stress about this, because I have never had it not work with a puppy I've raised.

Otherwise, I wait until I know that puppy is about asleep on its feet, and then I put it in the crate and walk away. With puppies that get very fretful, often I will cover the crate so it is a private area for them.

I have always crate trained puppies by putting them in the crate when I need them to be in there, and ignoring what happens in the next 30 minutes.

Good luck!
Comfort Zone with DAP. Great stuff! use atomizer not spray. I plug it in on an extension cord and put it very close to the crate. Been using is for about 10 yrs now for traveling to shows with young pups or sending pups on airplanes...or trips to vet offices, etc.
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Instead of stuffing the kong full of peanut butter which could create an upset tummy ~ try a spoon full of peanut butter mixed with her regular kibble then stuff the kong with that mixture and freeze the kong. I also first add a dog biscuit which is large enough that I have to squeeze the kong hole to get it in, then stuff and freeze. My German Shepherds love their frozen kongs & it takes them much longer to get everything out, esp the biscuit. You can also switch up the peanut butter with cheese whiz or yogurt.

Try to make her crate a fun, safe place for your pup, make sure to only give them safe toys when crates & remember to always remove your dog's collar before putting them in a crate as many dogs have died when their collars/tags were caught in the crate wires and they strangled!
Don't coddle her.

I feed and give treats and cover the crate.... (I keep next to my bed but you said it's not an option). You're doing good by not opening right away if she's crying. But otherwise, patience is going to be your best tool! Put her in and let her cry.

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