Crazy about chickens! Now how to make them luv eachother??????????????

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by chickfillhay, Apr 15, 2008.

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    I sent part of this email to a local farmer I found here on BYC and realized I need your help!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    We are just starting out. I started with 2hens and 1 Roo EEs.(easter eggers? Americaunas?)They hatched some. That added 5 hens and 1 more Roo. After the predators took their share! [​IMG]
    But liked it so much that a neighbor gave me a bunch o chicks and I bought 4 more plus 2 ducklings. bringing the total so far to 21 And I since hatched 4 more testers on Easter and now have about 21 eggs in the bator now. (BUFF ORPINGTONS! [​IMG] ) and a few more Aracaunas/Americaunas.....YES I bought a bator and am officially addicted!!!!! I just have to figure out how to get them to like eachother. The first group are adults now and the second group will be 3mos the babies are about a month and the eggs will hatch around the 25th. My hubby wants turkeys. Big ones. So now we are trying to make room for all of them. Its time to let the 11chicks and 2 ducks(got big fast!)out of the outside brooder. And give them free run of the coop. But the adults won't let them have it. WHY? [​IMG]
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    Might have to search "integrating hens" or "integrating chicks".

    You'll have to wait for everyone to be about the same size, and when they are, let them get used to each other from afar, and then let them fight it out without intervention. They need to establish a new pecking order, and when they are the same size, can defend themselves from the "elders. "

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