Crazy Broody.

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    Feb 3, 2009
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    I've had a hen that has been broody for the past month on a green easter egg. Well i was slightly tired of it and is the only hen i had left so i wasn't getting any eggs. I called my friend up to see if he wanted her. Well i get her off the nest and put her in my dog box and off to his house twenty minutes away. I had forgotten there was a plastic easter egg in there too. I got to his house and we open the door and there the is setting on that easter egg lol. So we take her over to his nest boxes and set her on seven eggs. Went back and hour later and she was still setting! Probaly the coolest thing i've every done lol. I thought surely all that moving would break her but i guess not!
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    If she's already sat for a month, she may need to be broke. They start to get real thin after a month.

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