Crazy Chicken Lady in Colorado


Aug 1, 2016
Hello all! I have acquired from my sisters, mother, brother, friends and children the new nickname Crazy Chicken Lady. We got chickens in April this year and I took to them like they were my own children. Waking up in the middle of the night to check on them while they were still in their little cardboard condo to make sure they were peeping contentedly. I have never spent any time on any kind of farm, (thankfully my boyfriend raised and broke horses and grew up doing various types of farming) so it came as a shock to me that I cared so much for the animals we got merely to provide sustenance. I have been obsessing over them ever since! We had to eat our rooster. We live in a subdivision where roosters are not allowed. My children, after eating him, said he was DELICIOUS! We prepared them from the very beginning that we'd eat a rooster. OH, I'm Jessica. Jess, Jessie, Jessica, pick one, I answer to them all. Although only people who don't know me call me Jessica. Ever since we brought the girls home I have been referring to this site on various questions and ponderings. I started by trying to remember what breeds of chickens they all are so I looked up all the breeds and figured it out. We have five girls (it was six, haha). While using BYC I have learned more about chickens than I ever thought I would. I love those girls! They are a hoot! They all have names. My children insisted on naming them and they all have (had) boy names: Felix (Rhode Island Red), Happy Feet (Black Australorp), Flappy/Mama (Buff Orpington. I call her Mama because she started out bossy. She has since given it up), 88 (Wyandote), and Roolette (Barred Rock. She was Root. My son changed it because she's a girl. Haha.) Willy was a Lavender Wyandote, beautiful bird. My daughter changed his name to Lily and then she turned out to be right the first time. He was her favorite. She handled having to eat him like a champ, much better than I expected. I noticed he might be a rooster from the beginning so I mentioned it every chance I got because I didn't want her to be heartbroken. She loves those chickens more than I do. They come running to her every time she walks out the back door. They think she has snacks, which she usually does because we love it that they run to us and we love feeding them. They are comical, moody, curious, and really a delight to hang out with and watch. I could really "talk chicken" all day but I'd better be off. I'm happy to become a part of a community I didn't even know existed until now. Thanks for reading!
The Crazy Chicken Lady is out.
Hi and welcome to BYC! Thanks for joining us!

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