Crazy Chicken Lady (Man) Call~~ you know you got one....

Princess Lay-a

9 Years
May 17, 2010
Great Falls
I call "Llama, llama, llama!! When I go to to see my llamas and sheep, and goat. They hear that and are on the run for treats.

I have been using a call to get the chicks use to my voice when food is coming, something they can recognize if the are further off foraging.
Higher pitched and quickly, "Come, come, come! Come, come, come!"
At times I say "Come, come, come , my horrid little beasties! Come, you 'fowl' creatures!" All with love and light in my voice..Ha!

How about you??
I call here Cluckers,cluck,cluck...come on Cluckers but only when my Righteous neighbor is within ear shot cuz she swears I am swearing and she calls hubby out to listen and he tells her to stop thinking nasty I am saying Cluckers not....
Hahahahha any other time its chick,chick here chick chick..
My husband doesn't have to call, every time he walks by they run to get as close to him as they can - something about a big man that just screams "Hey, look at THAT guy! Looks like he eats GOOD! Bet he has food!" Every animal does that and I know he sneaks them all kinds of treats to get the attention he does.

I on the other hand still haven't gotten over having them, so I walk out in the yard talking about "CHICKENS! I HAVE CHICKENS! WHERE ARE MY CHICKENS!" As loud and high pitched as which point they give me the stink eye and search for my husband...guess daddy feeds 'em more tasty stuff than I do...or maybe they think I am as crazy as the neighbors think I am?
"Chickens! I got CHICKENS!!"

I started that with my first chickens, when they were still in the brooder. I was just so excited to have chickens..... and when I moved them outside, I kept it up. Open the kitchen door to the back yard porch, announce happily, "Chickens! I got CHICKENS!" and they would all come to the run enclosure gate lickety split.

So, I do it every day when I get home from work. On the weekends, when they are free ranging in the back yard, and very very happy under the trees, in the garden beds, over by the shed, ANYWHERE, they will still come running to that call.

If my neighbors hear me, they probably wonder why I'm announcing it every day. But they swear they don't hear my rooster, so maybe they're deaf or something. (No, they're not deaf. They like to hear the rooster, they say. I give them eggs so they will continue to say that!!!)

The man who came over with a BobCat and brush-cruncher to mow down the HUGE thistles in the way back 1/3 acre (belonging to my land-lady) noticed the run in my back yard and HE said, "Chick, chick chick!" So I guess he must keep chickens too... but my chickens didn't come running.

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