Crazy chicken lady?


8 Years
Mar 14, 2011
Austin, TX
Okay so my family has said I am officially the "crazy chicken lady" I only have 16 and have a bunch of land but I guess having 16 and no finished coop makes me crazy
that is okay because here is a secret I LOVE them
Ha ha, that was my nick-name in high school! I went around and would peddled my eggs to several of the teachers, and during lunch bring out my McMurray Catalog to oggle the chickens.
I get the same thing! Its my hobby and they are my precious babies. I will admit I talk about them a bit too muc, but at least I don't have the webcam yet, as my friends think I should set up.
They are TOO much fun to watch and that's why I seem to get nothing done on my days off. I think all my kids think I have went off the deep end....oh well
I'm a crazy chicken lady too. I love my chickens and I sit with them everyday and I will talk about them to anybody that will listen.
Happy I am not the only one! Most people right now r having BBQ parties and I would rather be at homenand make sure everyone is happy

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