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    Aug 11, 2017
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    Hi folks, as I've mentioned before I sort of inherited my chickens when I moved to a different city last summer, the previous owners were moving to a smaller house and couldn't keep them anymore so I decided to keep them myself.
    I'always wanted to keep a few chickens and I thought keeping these four old hens (according to previous owner, around seven years old.. though they're still laying so who knows) would be a great way to start and learn the ropes.
    My wife was always ok with the idea of me keeping chickens and loved the idea of having fresh eggs on the table, but at the same time she wasn't as excited as I was because she didn't think chickens were "just animals" and you wouldn't be able to bond with them like you do with dogs or cats.

    Well, needless to say her feelings about chickens changed very, very quickly as soon as we moved in here.. I guess it helps that our four hens are the sweetest chickens in the world, always following me around the backyard, rushing towards the house if I open the door (or if they see me through the window) or if I whistle at them ( they can hear me from 100 mt away).
    Now she's so fond of the ladies that she even started filming them and uploading small videos on youtube for family and friends to see.

    Needless to say, I'm sure she would love it if anyone likes the videos or leaves a comments ;)

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    Chickens.... they just grow on you love the video
    One of the favourite parts of my day is getting home from work and letting mine out to roam the garden.... chicken tv is great
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    Wow! Those chickens have the life! Wonderful to watch.
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