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    starts with hubs brother totals out his trailblazer. thanking my guardian angel that night. They offered me a ride home that night after work since they would be in town when i got out of work. Hub got home early so i drove myself. Hubs brother and his wife were both drinking and i left work about 20 minutes before they left the bar. The roads were a bit icy in spots and i took my time. I made it home with an intact vehicle they werent so lucky but on the plus side it was just their car and they didnt hit anyone else. Just made my life a bit more hectic driving them around for 2 weeks while they got their finances in order and bought another vehicle.

    My job was shut down for a week boss gave no one a heads up. A little irritating to not get that last paycheck before christmas was just going to use it to finish up the stocking stuffers so not really a big deal.

    My brother hit a ladys van a couple nights ago. Lady ran a stop sign my brother was traveling alone and hes ok just a bit sore and a few bruises. Other vehicle was the same they just had minor injuries. Unfortunately my brothers car caught fire because of the accident so he lost his cell phone and the babys car seat all things that can be replaced. My brother has a truck he can drive so overall hes going to come out of this ok with a lighter wallet after paying for gas for his truck. Hopefully he will get a check for his car since the accident was not his fault. He said the car wasnt worth much so either way hes not going to get to worried about it and he can wait till he gets his tax refund to replace the car.

    Happy holidays may everyone remain safe and healthy.

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