Crazy Eggs!

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    I don't post here much but, I always read, research, and learn from the info. in this forum! I can't find anything pertaining to my, here is my inquiry! The laying production has slowed quite a bit lately, I know the short days and all, but I have 5 hens that are 2 years old...and I am getting 2 eggs a day! Yesterday, I got this one!!
    I also think someone is laying soft eggs in the boxes! What gives?
    They are eating laying mash, and have an abundance of oyster shells. fresh water...etc
    I give them a few treats once a day....cabbage, carrot slices, broccoli, etc. Nothing crazy!
    What's going on??
    One of my friend's told me to give them raw shrimp! this true!??!!

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    If they are just coming back into lay after a winter hiatus, you can get some funky eggs as the egg machine gets back in tune, just like when a pullet first starts laying.
    As long as it's just one or two, probably not a don't jump to horrible conclusions too quickly.

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