Crazy Family Drama

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Ohh my who else hates Family Drama???? Our on going drama is my brother and his X

He went though a not so perfect break up with his X (had a baby togather). She was a "Me" type of girl. She went to a very expensive collage (all girls CCA {i think} school) paid for by daddy ( very nice man though i have ment him) The miniute she moved out from the brothers she moved in with my brothers "best friend' and never saw anything wrong with that. Then a bunch of other stuff happens. And then he goes out with one of his Very good friends a girl asks him to watch her drink while she uses the restroom. He's still there when she gets back and she asks something like "Well how do i know you never put anything in it" his anwser was " I well drink it myself" she gives him her # and some how the X finds and gets mad at him (

Then the X would not pick up when the brother tried to phone her, so my sister lets him user her phone to call her. The brother's X blocks and deletes my sister from her facebook.

And now to top it off she is calling him a stalker because they were at the same MacDonald's
. Ohh she does not have a job and seems like she does not want a job.

Ohh well. Just to much Drama. Mom thinks my brother has SAD, we know he was depressed when he was with the X though.


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sounds like she feels like she can and should be able to do as she wants.
But feels your bro should be sitting at home pining for her longingly. she's done with him but thinks she's so irresistable that if her options dry up he'll still be there waiting. It assaults her ego that he would dare to even look at another woman. (been there done that with my bro) How is the baby doing? I hope not caught in the middle.

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With a child involved, they need a formal, legal custody and visitation agreement. He needs to pay child support (assuming the baby lives with her; if with him, she needs to pay). If he is following her around, it can be considered stalking, so he needs to make sure he is not doing that. Random occasional encounters at public places are not stalking.

Sounds like they have unresolved issues between the two of them. THese need to be resolved, withOUT involving the rest of the world.

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