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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by emalin, Mar 28, 2015.

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    I have my first batch of chicks and have started giving them bits of greens and cooked egg. I set out chick grit at the same time. The chicks went so insane over it, that I took it out after a while. I was afraid they would eat their weight in it. I reintroduce it every time I give a treat plus give them bits of sod with dirt from our lawn every few days. Still, they just can't get enough grit. I just accidentally left the grit bowl in the brooder for 30 minutes and three 2-week-old chicks ate at least a tablespoon. It's not just one chick--all three are crazy for the stuff. Is this normal? I am thinking about switching to a scratch & peck feed since they are so into scratching and eating grit. Would this help (assuming it's a problem at all)? Thanks to any more experienced chicken people who can help.
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    I don't think they will over eat it but they do need it. Grass and greens are tough to digest. Once they have a sufficient amount in the crop and gizzard, they will be more normal about it. Just watch their poop. You should not see a bunch of grit in it. Once the grit is round enough and small enough, they do pass it. That is normal. Keep them on their starter feed. They really need the protein and other stuff in it. [​IMG]
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    Thank you! I generally trust in the birds' instincts, but I just couldn't believe how insatiable they were. I was afraid they might have a nutritional deficiency or something of that sort. Yes, they are on starter with the occasional treat.
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    X2. A tablespoon between 3 chicks is really not that much, so I wouldn't be worried. They will eat what they need. [​IMG]
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    Mine got chick grit their second day, and also went crazy over it for the first few days, which was worrying. I took it away for part of one day, then just decided to leave it. Now they just take the occasional nibble.
    They are 4 weeks and very healthy.
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    Mine did this too! I gave up trying to leave it in and started just putting a couple pinches on their food every day, but if they really won't over eat it I'll just leave some in from now on. Love reading through posts like this, I always learn something!
  7. I've done this too. Next they will try to dust bathe in it. lol! I made a temporary enclose place out in my yard so they can play and roll in the sand. Course food and water. Mine are now just 3 weeks. I do this every other day
  8. Wow! You must be someplace warm to have an outdoor enclosure for them already. 13 degrees here in so. WV this morning.

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