Crazy Guineas!


10 Years
May 4, 2009
Carroll County, Va
My guineas are still locked in their coop, pre-release. I was in there today to stir their bedding a little and they freaked out, wouldn't stay up on their perch out of the way and started flying around. One decided my head looked like a good spot and ended up scratching the devil out of my face when she realized mid-landing, what she was about to land on.

Superficial scratches but they look pretty ferocious. Should make an interesting story when people ask!
Mine are nuts when their in the coup too. Can't even imagine trying to clean it or move the bedding around when their in there. I even have to move slowly to give them their feed or they'll all pile up on each other, wildly. When they get outside, I can walk right in the middle of the group and no one freaks out.

They do have some serious claws though. This summer I thought it was cute training one to jump on my arm for her treats. That all ended the day she slipped on my arm and left a 7-8 inch deep scratch. I can still see the scar from it.
We had a guinea hen go broody in a stall where we kept hay. We walked by her a 100 times with no response. One day my wife walked in there and apparently the hen had some chicks under her because she flew up into my wife's face, grabbed her face with her wings and proceeded to claw the dickens out of my wife's face. It was all I could do to pull the hen off.
My wife ran inside to tend to her wounds and the hen started flailing my leg, at which time I dropped kicked her across the barn. Needless to say we gave her plenty of room after that.


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