Crazy Hen


11 Years
Feb 20, 2008
Hi, I joined this group a long time ago but there wasn't much going on here then. Glad to see some people talking here and some close to my home in Parma.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you about this little hen I have that gives me a laugh almost every day. I hatched her out of some eggs I got on the forum last year. She was with a group of 7 or 8 I believe. I got a little hatch happy last year and don't remember who was with who now.
I moved the group over to the big hen house with the big girls after being able to see each other but not get together for about a month. The two houses I each have two fenced in areas and one of each have a connecting fence so they can see each through the wire. All seemed to be going well until I came into the big house one day and this little hen was hidding in the th corner and looked like some one had jumped up and down on her. Her feathers were sticking out and she was scared. She ran over to me and got on my feet for comfort. So I took her out and put her back in with the smaller chicks. I thought that would work because she was so much bigger than them. there was one small rooster with these 9 girls also. I put their treat of scratch and sunflower seed mix outside for them to scratch around and I noticed she would never come outside with the rest of them. I went in the house once to gather eggs and she was in the corner between the wall and I nest box standing almost on her head. Her butt was sticking up in the air. No one around her. She hides between things when she can. I have watched the group for long periods and never see anyone pick on her. She lays a pretty blue egg almost robin egg blue. All my hens a EE mixes except for the 10 red and black sex links and three Turken hens. She is so funny when I go into the house she runs over to me (if she hasn't buried her head and can't see me) and walks so close to me I have to be careful not to step on her.
She is still not going out of the house. When I let the others out to range she doesn't even look out the door. I did catch her looking out the pop hole yesterday when I scattered the scratch in the pen but she didn't stay there long. I have picked her up and placed her out and she runs like the wind to get back into the house. LOL

I have had chickens for a lot of years off and on. We have lived in the town and country so I sometime have not had them but when I am in the country they are the first things I get. I love watching the silly things they do and they just make me happy. My DH puts up with the money it costs that the eggs don't cover. even though I sell them for $2.50 doz it isn't enough for the feed. I have been told I feed them too well but I want the healthy and have studied on it so I feed the best I can. My daughter helps me sell and takes the eggs to her church and sells every one she takes. They all love the colors.

This is last years eggs. I have some different colored ones this year. I must get another picture for my egg cartons.
Ok I have gone one enough. I don't write often so don't worry about me rattling on all the time.

This was supposed to be in the Idaho group. Don't know what happened.
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