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Mar 26, 2011
My girls seem a bit off the wall I go into their pen and they freak run away and squawk, my question is I held each on almost everyday for a good 10-15 mins, but now they seem afraid of me and I can't seem to get a hold of them to have them be "friendly". Are they still too young (9 weeks) or will they be that way forever.
Food! Give them a few treats and then sit and show them you have it and they will hop up and get some. (though this is not always good. I was installing my oyster shell feeder and 3 of the pullets hopped on my back and shoulders. They are some big girls too!
All of my chicks go through this wacky stage where they are scared to death of me. Just bribe them with a treat they already like ( boiled egg is a good one, yogurt, leafy greens, little bits of fruit) and they'll be your buddies again. Good luck!
Mealworms! It'll take them a while to figure out that wierd looking thing is food, but once they do - WATCH OUT! Your fingers, your rings, your fingernails - all are suspect of being worm 'imposters' such that you'll get pecked in hopes of more of those tasty treats!

And then you'll be followed around EVERY day, EVERY time you go into the coop - got more of those?! Eh, you-hoo - down here - hungry chicken - looking all cute and dancing for more WORMS!

That's what's worked in this household. Had to go on the feeders and waterers section of the forum - am now breeding worms to feed to my chickens. Who knew chicken raising could lead to worm raising? I kind of feel badly for the worm, only slightly.....
Mine do too. Bread is by far their favorite treat. I try and limit it, but they ALWAYS come to me for bread. Even my old hen that was given to us older (like a year) and not tame, will come eat that out of my hand.

IF they see bread they hop on my lap (which is not always good if they have just stepped in poo! So dont do this on your way out the door in nice cloths lol)
i give my hens every evenig a treat i call Monster Mash
. i use cooked oatmeal then add sunflower seeds,or what ever i can think of yogurt,stratch,sprouts,vegies,scramble eggs really cooked well ,i can't walk thru the door with out them running to see what have ,i about trip over them.
i make not to much just enough so nothing is left in pans over night
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