Crazy morning!

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    We have 6 chickens laying. One is an EE. This morning I went outside for the AM chores and realized she was missing! I keep all my chickens in a large privacy fence in my backyard. It encloses almost an acre. I looked everywhere and could not find her. I was beginning to fear she had somehow gotten out and been eaten. Then I heard it; a soft honking sound like a goose and I knew it was her because she is the only chicken I have that honks! I have an old above ground pool in the enclosure as well. It's broken and we have spent way too much trying to repair it, only to have it break again so it just sits empty out there and she had fallen in! The lining is only half attached to the inside so she was in the sandy area. I hopped in, only for her to run behind part of the liner that was still attached to the wall so I couldn't get her. I ran inside and got a sharp knife, and began cutting the entire liner off so I could get her and found.....another chicken!!! This one was a Cinnamon Queen and I have 9 that all look alike so I didn't even know she had gone missing, poor girl. She looked fine, but was just sitting so I picked her up and.....she was sitting on 6 eggs!! One was green, the rest were hers!!! That poor girl had been down here at least 5 days, maybe longer! It's a miracle she survived, there was luckily water that had collected in the bottom of part of the liner for her to drink, and a small patch of grass growing out of the sand with some crickets for her to eat. I have decided to name her Elsie, which is the spelled out version of LC, which is abbreviated for 'Lucky Cluck' haha! She is totally fine, already acting normal again, but when I put her out she clucked and stared at me for a long time before going to the feeder like she recognized that I helped her [​IMG] I cut the entire lining away from the pool so I can now see clearly if one falls in to prevent this happening again, but what a strange morning this has been! I would love to just have the whole pool bulldozed, but can't afford that currently...

    Also, to top off the day, we got ten eggs so at least 4 new girls started laying all today!! I just love keeping chickens, they are my favorite type of livestock I have raised.
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    Oh my gosh, that sounds like a crazy chickens night we had once... lol. Good thing ya found em. Chickens can just be so difficult sometimes, but, gosh, they're so funn... [​IMG] lol!
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