crazy party time in the brooder

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  1. my chicks are almost 2 weeks old now and are getting "cabin fever". last night i went to check on them and it was like a riot going on in there! hilarious! running into each other, wings-a-flapping and chirping and yelling. and it looks like the "pecking order" bouts are starting up. no injuries yet, but they are all getting into the fray. i'm a little behind on finishing the coop, as i threw my back out last week and have been trying not to rip it up further, but from the looks of things in that insane asylum i call a brooder, i best get on it quick, as they are getting pretty close in thier attempts to fly over the wall. i never thought chicks would be so entertaining, but these girls (and guys) of mine are a hoot!
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    Chick TV is better than anything on regular TV these days!
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  4. We call it the "poultry channel" here. It's in high def. even lol

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    I got home from work last night and all four chicks were out of the brooder and standing in the middle of the shower mat. (Yes, my bathroom is the "Chicken Nursery.") They looked at me, I looked at them, and then they scattered. Small bathroom, easy to catch the escapees - and also easy to clean! I have never put a grate or wire over the brooders because I don't care if they investigate the whole bathroom.

    I even cheer 'em on when they start jumping/flying to the edge of the brooder and perching there. We have conversations, they get comfortable, then if they jump to my lap (yes, I usually sit on the toilet lid whilst visiting with them), I'm thrilled.

    Last evening after I rounded them up and put them back into the brooder, my favorite (pssst, don't tell the other 3) perched on the brooder lid and chirpily told me all about her day. Later, when it got time for me to turn out the (regular) light so they'd go to sleep, she roosted on the edge of the brooder all night. I awakened her this morning when I went into the bathroom for... people business .... in addition to checking on the feathered kids.

    I love my HD Poultry Channel! Thanks, Steve - perfect name for it!
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    not only is it high def, its also 3-D
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    Yep, since my chicks were jumping out of their wading pool brooder we decided to remove the pool last night and just contain them with the 18" high draft guard that surrounded the pool. This morning I went out to check on them and found one of the EEs sitting on the edge of the draft guard and one of the NNs running loose on the porch.
    They're 14 days old and it's definitely time for them to move to the coop.
    Good luck getting your coop finished. When we were building our first coop my DH tore his rotator cuff. The chicks ended up living on the screened porch until they were 5 months old. [​IMG]
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    I've got to get going on building mine coop for them to move in to. They are getting big and the bath tub is getting too small for them. They are fun to watch.
  9. Quote:I bet you don't even need the 3-D glasses
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    Quote:...and interactive...what more could you ask for!

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