Crazy pullet thinks I'm her roo!!

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    We have this EE pullet we acquired 3-1/2 weeks ago from a lady who was thinning her flock, and we named her Lola. Lola is a really sweet bird (she's kinda become *my* baby), and at the beginning of integrating her, I kinda had to run interference between her and the BR and RIR a couple of times (the pecking order establishment got a little out of hand once or twice in regards to food & I had to make sure they let her eat and got between them and her while she ate). Anyway, Lola came from an environment where she WAS a roo's favorite and had lost a lot of feathers, which I am happy to report are growing back in very nicely.

    My other EE that lays doesn't make a lot of noise before she lays, maybe a cluck or two, then goes into her nest. When she's done, she comes out and makes a BIG announcement I'm sure can be heard for blocks. This new EE, however, makes all her noise BEFORE she lays. I just have to say that it's a really good thing that I have the kind of job that allows me to work from home and that I'm here with this stupid bird all day because when she makes her noise, I have to walk into the coop (which is thankfully human-sized LOL) and call her to the nesting box so she'll go in and lay her egg. Then she sits there and makes a bunch of noise until she lays, then comes out quiet as a churchmouse.

    It is so funny how chickens can have such varying laying habits in the same environment.

    The ones that are not laying yet but are getting close to that magical age are getting more and more curious about the girls that are laying and are starting to stick their heads in to see what's going on in there. That has only started in this last week or two. It's SO cute to watch.

    I just spend way too much time with these birds. Hehehe. But you guys do, too, so I feel I'm among like-minded company here. [​IMG]
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    I am starting to wish I wasn't so far from retirement, now that I've been home for a vacation lately, then this long weekend... No, you're certainly among friends!

    I was given a "rescue" hen and just let her out of quarantine and segregation 2 days ago. I want to watch her join in, plus the chicks outside "growing out" and finish up the shed....stupid paying job!!!

    I envy you. (Still have a pullet for you....if you want one, ma'am.)
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    I absolutely do! We have just not had a clear day when we've both been off and able to come out, but you've been in my thoughts & I've been wanting to get out there. I want the olive egger, DH wants the lav orp, but we can only have one so it's been tough coming to a consensus. Then I want a BCM, too.

    So many different breeds, so little space... grin.

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