Crazy Pullet!


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Aug 30, 2009
Mt Repose, OH
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My Coop
As the new mom and baby have settled in, I've noticed something about the pullet. She's crazy!

I let the chickens out about 3 times a day, sometimes more, when I have time to sit out there with them. The pullet, "Little One" in absense of a real name, charges out the door, scoots around in front, shoots up into the air, then settles to eating.

The others then come out, and she repeats the process. She gets up into the Rooster's face and challenges him (and her most definately a her, and only 9/10 weeks old at that) and he banters with her for about 5 seconds. He doesn't take it seriously, postures at her without even fluffing up, does a wing dance around her, and sends her on her merry way.

She blasts into her mother, about knocking her over, and her mom just ignores her. She'll scoot around the side of the coop, get "lost", and scream her fool head off. I have to call her back, no one else will. None of the adults will answer her.

She'll run up to the OE pullet who'll just peck her on the head and send her off.

She eats bugs no one else will, even chases mosquitos and catches them as they fly low. So far, in the absense of eggs from the other two, she's the most useful chicken I have, even if she is crazy.

Instead of "crazy kitty" antics, I have "crazy chicken" antics that seem to last about the same amount of time as cat crazies. She just wigs the heck out for about 10 minutes.

After she settles down, she'll randomly jump into the air and freak the others out.

She's also the only chicken I know who'll dust bathe for ever if she could. Once she finds a good spot, she won't leave, even if the other chicksn try to push her out of it for their turn. And she chirps the whole time. Yesterday she stayed in her hole for 2 hours, the only reason she quit was because I picked her up and tossed her into the coop.

I hope she stays like this though and doesn't grow out of it. It's hilarious! Makes up for her mean momma that tolerates me only since I'm the food giver.

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