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    is there a way other than doing what I have done to make sure someone doesnt contact me anymore?

    my ex ( of FOUR years ago!) had been cut out and filtered on my email accounts, blocked on my old facebook account and removed from virtually everywhere I lurk on the internet... however recently I made a new facebook and she was able to contact me via that ( we have NO Mutual friends which makes it creepier!) its like she was lurking there searching for me randomly so she could send me nasty messages... i know i know, why wasnt she blocked... honestly ... i forgot she existed! Anyway- I have since found out that she's posting on her facebook all about me and how i recently started to resemble jabba the hut and how horrible i was to her throughout our relationship ... and I just want it to stop! ( for the record, I was under 110 lbs when we dated. she was 5' tall and about 180! so really, throw stones from glass houses when i did nothing but support her through trying to start losing weight.Oh and I bought her a car and 3k rims and CONTINUED to support her while she worked a string of p/t jobs or NO jobs) we are in different states but it still hurts knowing that shes posting that stuff for my old friends to read. friends who i can't be facebook friends with because i dont want her to find me! I responded simply stating I am happy, I'm sorry she has been unable to move on ( even tho she is engaged and getting married in 4 months) and that I am happy and have not given her a thought in YEARS. I did not respond to her multiple attempts to bait me into a confrontation and I did not stoop to her level, i even complimented her about losing all her weight .. shes doing triathlons and while i do not care for her i am glad that she is in a good place physically... maybe she never will be mentally. She's still hideous to me ( inside) .

    My poor fiance just continues to support me and try to make me feel better ... and I do feel better knowing that she can't show up randomly where I am ( because im sure she would be if i were living at home still) and harass me in person but still.

    I just keep telling myself it will get better.
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    Hugs. While it may be tempting to obsess about what she is saying about you, you'll be much better off and happier if you stop reading what she writes so that it doesn't get under your skin. Your true friends will know not to believe what she says about you and they're the only ones that matter, right?
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    The best thing to do is change all contact info and ignore it. For a long time my last name on Facebook was "hah"...just so I couldn't be searched.
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    Dont read her FB posts anymore, it will save much drama in the future. Trust me.
  5. sfw2

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    Good advice, here, so far. It sounds like you've moved on, and built a good life for yourself. [​IMG] Too bad she can't seem to do the same, but that's her problem.

    Let it go.

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    My brother picked a completely random and extremely common name to use on facebook so no one would find him.

    edited to say this reminded me to unfriend him. I heard he was back in touch with my dad and I do not want THAT SOB to find me or know anything about me again. It took me years to get him to leave me alone. And my brother is just the person to keep others informed. I am from a hugely disfunctional family.
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    Do not let it get to you! If your friends are truly friends and they know the real you, they will not pay attention to what she posts. My Ex , trashed me for years to everyone, including his kids (that I helped raise) those kids did and still do contact me to talk or for advice. The oldest tells me that if it had not been for me, he would not have made it through .
    I hesitated to friend my ex's sister on FB, she and I have always been close, but he finally stopped calling me and harrassing me. Luckily he never goes on FB and I blocked him after I friended his sister. I am still close with her and his nieces and my "son" the oldest is a friend, youngest is not on FB.

    This person is apparently miserable in her life. You are happy and she hates it. Her problem, not yours. Hang in there girlie! [​IMG]

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