Crazy rich people!! :rolleyes:

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  1. So who watches world's strictest parents? I just watched one were this people were practically rich and had a HUGE house and a HUGE barn and the only reason I'm posting this because their HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE barn (its probably more then three times our house is) is used for BASKETBALL! BASKETBALL! They don't have a single animal in their barn, and its a NICE barn. No chickens, no horses, no pigs no cows no quails no peacocks no water fowl no nothing except basketball stuff. Please tell me I'm no the only one who thinks they should have a bunch of animals in there? Thanks if you agree with me if not then GO AWAY (just joking [​IMG] [​IMG])

    I know this is a weird post but hey I'm weird, [​IMG] I just like talking to peoples

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    Unless they have the know how and will to care for animals, it's probably best it's filled with basketballs. LOL
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    Yup, most of us would fill it with animals. Those folks wouldn't know the first thing to do in caring for animals.

    BUT, we do have a rich person or two on BYC... as I've seen hatching eggs sell here for over $200 a dozen. That's someone with money or a bat crap crazy passion for chickens.
  4. well they had like 3 garages!!!! Lucky rich people can have huge or really good barns/coops [​IMG]Man, if i had that barn imagine how many and what animals i could have ...[​IMG]
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    you know if they did have animals someone else would care for them like the kids that are on the show that have had issues so I thinks it best not everyone like to care for animals and not everyone can clean up after them my husband when one of our dogs would have a #2 accident he would nearly pray to the porcilin god while I cleaned it up. So I think it besty they didn't have ANY animals.

  6. they had 2 dogs
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    i would have individual stalls in there with seperate runs and pastures if needed. There would be llamas, goats ducks, donkeys, chickens.....

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    If they are rich, they certainly did not get that way, from farming and raising animals in their barn.

    Rich people are not lucky, unless they won the lottery. They are rich because they and/or their family worked hard and were intelligent. They networked with people who are also hard working and intelligent, who like them and trust them to make the right choices when given responsibility.

    If mom and dad are stock brokers, they are required (by law, because they are *responsible* for their investor's money) to be at work during the hours of the market being open. Yes, even if they are sick or if their llamas are sick. Would it be responsible to raise a bunch of animals if you are required to be at work?

    Don't think of it as a barn. Imagine how silly people would think we were if we tried to put a barn in the gymnasium? The barn at the place I used to live housed collector's cars. To give you an idea... my Jaguar XJ-12 did not make the cut and had to be stored outside. :(
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    Very true, post reminds me of a good book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"... it has some good perspectives in it.
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    I don't have a problem with wealthy people and how they spend their money, as long as they are accumulating their wealth through legal means (for example, I'm totally cool with the British royals, Steve Jobs (RIP) and Bill Gates, but I don't have any respect for billionaire drug kingpins in South America and so forth...). If I had more money, I'd spend it, too. [​IMG]
    "Things" aren't everything, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think it would be fun to have lots of nice things and to travel regularly.

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