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    I have 3 roosters, EE 2yrs old top dog, 1yr old Lakeenvelder, I thought would be #2, and a7 mo old son of #1 part EE part Brahma. Here's the confusion, I figured baby would be low man gone after by both older roo's, BUT # 1 seems to approve of #3? baby looks just like his father except feathered feet, He is feeding the hens, like dad, #2 does not seem to do that as much. baby does not crow as far as I know but is defeathering the hens with his clumsy attempts and father stands by and watches, even seems to show him were to hold the hen lightly pointing with his beak on the hens head. This seems odd, does father know the son is his or is he just being tolerant. #2 rooster is looking rather rough, neck feathers broke off pecked at. He seems to have slipped in his position. [​IMG]
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    So (it's been along day) I think I missed the question part. Anyway. The pecking order can shift with the introduction of new roosters and hens. I would love to think that the Dad knows his son, but it could or could not be, either way it doesn't matter, it's just good they are getting along right? Are you considering getting rid of one? As long as large amounts of blood aren't being drawn, I'd say they are getting along fine.

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