Crazy Rooster


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9 Years
Mar 21, 2010
Mt.Pleasant N.C.
My rooster is 6 months old and he has attacked all 3 daughters and my wife so there mad at me,last week I found my youngest daughter ( a junior in high school ) standing on the hood of my car crying trying to get away from him.He never acted aggressive to me until last week when I throed some scratch feed down and reached out for him and he attacked me,bad choice.LOL. Oh and why does he start crowing at 3 am in the morning,that is getting old fast.1 roo and 8 hens,barred rocks.Thanks
Because he is a rooster and his instincts tell him to protect the flock and fight off any competition. Without any other competition, he thinks your family is it. Sounds like you should re-home him, rehab him or eat him.
You must not let him get away with this.

I'd give him a go at carrying him around under your arm and stroking him in front of your hens for 30 minutes for a day or two if you like him...if not ....'off with his head'


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