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    I have about 24 chickens and three roosters and they are kept in a coop most of the day but I let them out about half an hour, my problem is that when a rooster come to mate a hen the other roosters attack him and when the other rooster tries to mate then the two roosters attack him and so on,,, how can I prevent this behavior, because I want to have fertilized eggs .

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    Maybe you just have too many roosters?
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    You have too many roosters. I have 35 hens and 3 roosters, and even that's too many. One is going to be invited to dinner tonight!

    Kathy in Bellville
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    Quote:Haha reminds me of an old horror flick/joke: Would you like to come for dinner? We'd love to HAVE you! *MWAHAHAHA*
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    Even docile roosters exhibit this behavior with other roosters. Even if they are nice with each other, they will usually try to get their 'friends' off of any hen they are mating with, even if it means attacking them. If you want fertilized eggs from only one of the roosters, you're going to have to separate them (maybe put each rooster in a pen with a few hens or alone, or just pen up 2 of the roosters until you have your fertilized eggs).
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    thanx all
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