CRD.....Chickens cant get colds???

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Nov 1, 2010
Ok, I'm very confused and need help. I've read that chickens can't get colds, but they can get sick from being transported. If its not a cold what is it? Also keep a new bird quarantined for 1 month.....if they can get sick from transport how do you know if its that or crd?
Some people say the only way you can be sure not to get a respiratory disease in your flock is to only buy eggs or chicks. But from what I understand about crd it passes to the chicks.
These all seem like conflicting statements, am I the only one confused??
No, it is confusing.
Some of the respiratory diseases can be transmitted to offspring of ill birds.
Shipping stress and CRD are not the same things, however, some of the respiratory illnesses will resurface in carriers due to the stress of shipping.
Something else-although it is advised to quarantine new birds for 30 days(and that is a must), sometimes the CRD will not surface until AFTER the 30 days.
This is exactly why many people keep closed flocks.
I'm not trying to be a buzz kill, but the only way to KNOW you are not bringing disease into your flock is to hatch/raise birds that you got from your own healthy flock.
Having said that, I DO buy birds from other breeders and I do follow the quarantine-just wanted to tell you the facts up front.
Clear as mud, right?

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