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What are the symptoms? Is it possible something is just aggravating them, like the bedding or ammonia buildup, etc?

If is is chronic respiratory disease, which basically means it's one of several bacterial or viral infections, there is no cure. Once the birds have it, they have it for life. You can treat symptoms, but the disease never actually goes away, and they have outbreaks when they are stressed, such as moving to a new home as you are now seeing.

If you have other birds and had these hens in quarantine, I hate to say it but you may want to think about culling them rather than introducing them to your existing flock and infecting them all, and having to deal with the disease for the rest of your flock's life. That's your choice, though.

If you do want to go ahead and keep them, you can try treating the symptoms with a course of Tylan 50, if you can find it. Denagard would also work if you suspect Mycoplasma, or Sulmet for Coryza, which is often characterized by a very bad roadkill-like smell coming from any nasal discharge.

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I recently was given some 3 year old hens, seems like 2 or 3 chickens have like difficulty breathing.
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Your title says "CRD CURE". Sadly CRD is another name for Mycoplasma (MG) for which there is no cure. MG is a fairly common contagious respiratory disease that makes birds carriers for life. Without testing, it would be hard to know for sure if these birds have MG or some other respiratory disease or condition that is causing their symptoms.

You don't mention much else except that you were given some older hens and some seem sick. If you have an existing flock and have kept these new hens in quarantine, culling may be your best option to minimize spread to your existing flock.

If you want to keep the newbies, then symptoms of MG can be treated with an antibiotic like Tylosin, Tiamulin or a Tetracycline. Medications do not cure the disease.

Knowing where you are located in the world can be helpful (US? Which State)

Describing symptoms and providing photos may also be helpful.

Here's some reading about common diseases

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