CRD or Eye injury ???

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    First I'll give you a quick background. The pictures are from my 6 month old Americana "Blondie". She has not yet started laying and my Rooster seemed to pick on several of my hens until they started laying for whatever reason. She's had a bunch of her tail feathers pulled out by him recently and he seems to constantly peck her whenever she comes near him. However, after seeing her eye yesterday afternoon I immediately checked out BYC to see if it could be some sort of disease (because I am still a Newbie at this stuff). And of course I found several things that it could be ... CRD, infection ...etc.... When I first noticed it she had a clear foamy/bubbly type fluid in her right eye, so I moved her to our spare pen away from any other chickens. This morning her eye was nearly closed all the way, was a little puffy and the area around it had started to turn a creamy white color. I looked really closely at it an hour or so later and it looked kind of crusty looking. I have checked on her about every hour today and I took these pictures this afternoon roughly 24 hours after I discovered the problem. She had been eating well yesterday and today and shows no signs of anything out of the ordinary. She is not weezing or sneezing and her breathing seems normally and her other eye looks normal .... but she does seem a bit ****** because I put her by herself. I checked all my other chickens eyes and nostril area really well and they appear perfectly normal. I have raised all my chickens since they were roughly a week old, Blondie and 2 other pullets were the last chickens brought into my flock and that was over 6 months ago. There has been no other poultry near my coop and we don't have any issues with wild birds near my home.
    Is this simply a case of an angry rooster or is it definitely a disease ?? And as usual thanks in advance for your help.



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    Well...if no one else in the flock is sick and a "fresh disease brewing" is not an option, then I would say the bird has an injury. Unfortunately, that injury appears to be festering, so you will need to treat her with an antibiotic. The question is: Which antibiotic should you use? I think I would try Tylan 50, which is usually the antibiotic of choice for URIs. Pen G could also be an option, but the Tylan is stronger, so I think I would err on the side of caution. Baytril would be perfect, but you can only access that through a vet, so unless you plan to bring her to a vet that is not really an option. Try a course of Tylan and do some saline flushes on the eye at the same time to try to clean out the gunk. I think you will likely see an improvement within no time.

    Good luck.
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    How would you administer the Tylan? What dosage would one use?
    Thanks. Sorry for butting in. (my roo has an eye issue, too)
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    I've done quite a bit of reading in the last 24 hours about this stuff but I don't know what amount to give...??? However, I have read in other post that it can be bought at most TSC or at your local supplier. From what I understand the throat is the appropriate place to give the shot. Is this correct ??
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    I am not sure what your hen has, but I have been dealing with several eye infections over the past few weeks amongst my hens. I do not like using antibotics so I found another more natural way of doing things. I have treated ALL of my eye infections with a liquid called Colloidal Silver. You can get it at almost all heath food stores, it is kinda expensive @ $13 for a small bottle but a little bit goes a long way. Then what I do is make a ratio of 1 part water to 1 part CS, then I mix it up well and put in a spray bottle. After that I just spray about 4 sprays into the infected eye 2 times a day and in about 4 to 5 days it is gone completely. Like I said I have cured all of my eye infections with it and it works!

    Just my tidbit of advice! Hope your hen gets better soon!
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    I checked on her today and she looked the same and was eating grass and appeared fine. My wife and I gave her the Tylan injection in the perscribed amount today just to make sure and my wife said she heard her weezing, however her breathing sounded okay to me and wasn't "rattling" as I've heard it described. But maybe I'm wrong ?? Should you be able to hear them breathing ? I never really paid close attention enough attention. Are there any other disease possibilities ?? I figured the pictures would get me an absolute answer, but the more I read and the more pictures I see the more I think it could be many different things [​IMG]. Please ...... if anyone else has more helpful information I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your help so far and I'll keep you posted on her condition.
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    My worst fear was revealed today. I now have 2 hens and my roo who are now sneezing and one hen has the "rattled" breathing. I hate this because my entire family have gotten so attached to them and can't for the life of me imagine how they ever got it??? I don't know what to do ?? I don't want to cull them but a couple of my neighbors have chickens and I certainly don't want to run the risk of it spreading to there flocks. I have been treating "Blondie" with Tylan 50 and we have more than enough to treat the rest of them ..... BUT it won't get rid of the problem [​IMG]
    I'm trying to figure out a humane way to do it without upsetting my youngest son. Any suggestions??
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    Are those rounds dark.scabs around her the others have any dark spots..... On face..comb. ..legs etc.
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    Take one of them to the vet and have it tested before you rush into culling

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