CRD? Turkey with swollen sinus??

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    Dec 1, 2013
    Came out this morning to one of my tom turkeys with what looks like a swollen sinus? I tried to post photos but isn't working...will try again. He is also sneezing, and he has clear discharge coming out of his nostrils. At least 2 of my 5 Turkeys started sneezing a week ago and have been putting vet RX in their water and solution in nostrils and on head. About two weeks ago three of my three month old chicks starting sneezing and they have clear discharge coming from their nostrils. I separated them immediately and have only gave them vet RX like the turkeys. They have not gotten worse...or better. Turkeys and sick chickens are all alert...running around, eating, drinking, and pooping normally. All my other chickens (about 40) are not exhibiting any symptoms.

    I am thinking it is CRD? :( These animals are not overcrowded but it has been cold (for Arizona...which means about 30*F at coldest). Never been through this before. If I cull the turkey, is he safe to eat? I read many don't believe in treating birds that exhibit symptoms with antibiotics and instead should be killed? If I killed the sick birds, do I have to kill the ones that are not exhibiting symptoms as well? I don't want to kill my whole flock so if I won't do that, is there no point in killing the sick ones and I should get them antibiotics?

    My local feed store said they only have tetracycline...would this work? I also have erythromycin opthalmic ointment I got for my cat from the vet. Would that work for turkey? Still leaning towards culling him IF he is okay to eat? By the way, could the cat have somehow given this to the poultry? He is a sphynx (breed notorious for respiratory infections) and is never outside, but I suppose I could have carried it ? :( His URI cleared with with clavamox so I never used the eye ointment.

    Sorry if this is a mess...writing from my phone. Thank you

    ETA: I have a momma hen that hatched five chicks a few days there anything I can give the chicks to prevent infection? I am really worried about the (although they seem far). Thanks
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