Cream City Hens has their chicks!


11 Years
Feb 25, 2009
I would like to introduce you to Cream City Hens' four chicks. We are working on a webpage called From Hatchery to Henhouse that will introduce new chicken lovers to the joys of the urban hen. These guys will also be going along with us this summer to farmer's markets to help educate Milwaukeeans about urban henkeeping, spread the word that we're trying for an ordinance change, and introduce potential hen owners about the variety of breeds out there. So! With no further ado, meet:

Milwaukee, a Splash Silkie:

Juneau, a Speckled Sussex:

Kilbourn, a Golden Campine:

and Walker, an Easter Egger:

They are named for the city itself and the city's three founders!


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