Cream Legbar 15+ eggs (19 eggs) $40 + $15.49 shipping.


Nov 28, 2015
15+ Jill Rees Cream Legbar eggs. (19 eggs) Shipping out today! $40
19 eggs carton 2.jpg
+ $15.49 Priority Mail USPS. First sold wins! I'll PM my Paypal address to the winner.

The actual eggs are in the first picture.

I have 19 that I will ship with this package. One egg is 3 days old, eight eggs are 2 days old, and ten eggs are 1 day old. You are buying 15+ Cream Legbar hatching eggs. These eggs will be 1-3 days old and should reach you before they are 4-7 days old.

Our flock is from the Jill Rees line. The grown chickens will likely have crele or cream coloring, with an occasional white bird. Our hatch rate is 95% plus at our farm. But with shipped eggs one can never be certain. One of the latest batches that we shipped hatched at 100%. But we do not guarantee hatch rate.

Please look at all the pictures. These pictures include our parent birds and other hatches from our parent birds. Please allow your eggs to rest overnight before starting the heat on the incubator. Remember, small side down!

I will ship these today. The weather is out of our control and may damage eggs. We do our best to prevent it from happening, and there is no warranty for weather. There is no warranty for USPS delays for any reason. (However, we want our customers to have new chicks, not just unhatched eggs, so in most cases, we will ship new eggs for only the price of shipping.)

A few disclaimers:

1. We use USPS Priority Mail to ship eggs. If any eggs are broken, we will either refund a prorated amount for the broken eggs or ship new ones at buyer's expense.

2. We usually try to include extra eggs. We do not guarantee the extra eggs. They are extras and are insurance in case a few eggs are broken during shipping.

3. We don't ship eggs that are more than 2 days old unless they are extras.

4. Our eggs are usually very fertile. Sometimes shipped eggs don't hatch for various reasons.

5. We do not guarantee your hatch rate. We have hatch rates of up to 100% on shipped eggs. We do guarantee to deliver eggs that are unbroken. (Not including extras.) We are willing to reship broken eggs at buyer's expense. We require pictures within 4 hours of delivery of any damaged eggs. We offer NO GUARANTEE FOR EGGS LEFT OUT at mailbox, door, carport, ect in the delivery confirmation.
I just put a bunch in the incubator. But I should have more early next week. How many were you wanting?
Okay, so what kind of time frame are you looking at? I’ll want to prepare my incubator. What type of payment do you prefer? I live in Montgomery Tx. Just north of Houston, so shipping shouldn’t take too long and that will help on hatching percentages. Let me know , and thank you.

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