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    Hello all. I have been researching crested cream legbars recently. I see that they do have a following but are rare birds. I have read all of the physical details about the breed but I am looking for some other details about the breed. I'll be honest that I originally wanted them for their blue eggs, but find them much more beautiful than the other blue laying breeds. So here are some questions for those with experience with the CCL.

    1. Personal experience with them?

    2. I have young children. I absolutely will not tolerate a mean bird. I also mostly keep buff orps and I am also worried about them getting bullied. Any experience about their temperament? Are they friendly, cautious, or mean?

    3. I have read that they are cold hardy but notice they have large combs. It's cold in Minnesota. Any experience with the breed in cold weather?

    4. I have also read that they tend not to go broody often. Has anybody had one go broody?

    5. With a leghorn as a one of the original cross birds are they good foragers? I free range my chickens but I do have lots of predators around so a good free range bird would be nice.

    Any other tips or advice? Thinking about buying hatching eggs this spring. So I have lots of time to research.
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    In the headings, you can click on "breeds" then click on cream legbar and read people's opinions of them. Like all breeds there are pros and cons. They are no longer as rare as they had been and if you look carefully often you can get them for a very reasonable price That said, I have several, but I think they are the product of a lot of hype. If you or your children have any hopes of showing, the CL are not a breed recognized by the APA.. They do lay bluish or green eggs, but their eggs are no better than other breeds which are less expensive and cold hardy.
    As far as being cold hardy, when I was asking around I always got the answer, Yes they are cold hardy BUT (fill in the blanks) or yes, cold hardy, but not as much as (other breeds were named).
    If you read up on the breed you will see they are developing CL's with rose combs to make them more cold hardy, which says to me other breeds beat them on that score.
    My rooster has a huge comb that did suffer frostbite even though it was vaselined. And Minnesota is probably colder than PA.
    While They're a decent breed, I wouldn't put them at the top of the breeds I have. I prefer more cold hardy and I think for the price there are better choices, although being able to sex at hatching is one distinct advantage.

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