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  1. For everyone who is interested in the Cream Legbar breed. For everyone who is diligently working on gathering the history and who is working on SOP----

    this thread is for you. ;O)

    At first I thought that club would go hand-in-glove with SOP, but now I'm thinking that although the club would "own" the SOP and develop it to completion and get the breed 'recognized' by the APA in the USA......

    I'm wondering if a club couldn't be those interested -- right now.

    so my question for discussion for all y'all is 'what will it take' to establish a club. (WWIT).

    Please share your thoughts here.... obstacles, discussion, people volunteering to do things.

    Since we are scattered, and since Rinda has about (correct me if I am wrong) around 20-names and contact info---of people interested. I think we have a critical mass. I also think that we have to establish it as a virtual club. That means that we would meet online. There are some AMAZING and FREE apps out there now to do just that. It can be real-time. No one needs to travel etc. -- so that obstacle can be easily surmounted IMO.

    Greenfire Farms has generously offered to partially fund a database. Greenfire Farms has also offered to load the database with their chicken information. As the Cream Legbar population increases in the USA, the database will be an excellent reference to track the bloodlines of these birds. For people who like to be pioneers, as we know of there isn't yet a breed database for chickens. The Cream Legbar Club could be the first. Also if we care about these birds, this is one way to insure their continued value and their good care.

    Please - put your thougts and ideas here. (BTW....the Easter Eggers have already started a club on BYC. (sheesh those EE people-- and I love my EEs so don't get me wrong.))

    I will link to this in the other threads discussing...and hope that we can get some things resolved.

    Who likes a you think we could get this accompliished (like before the world ends on 12/21/12 or some other reasonable deadline. Let me know. :O)
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    As you know, I'm all in for starting a club. I think the first thing is deciding on a name for the club. how exciting that Greenfire Farms is going to help with the data base! I don't have a lot of free time, but if there's something I can help with just let me know
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    When GFF made their offer on the data base a month ago my thoughts were that the CLB club should be in pace and ready to accept people's first year of membership by on the first of January 2012.

    I have never been a part of a poultry club so I really don't know any the in's and out's, but I know that some of the things that other clubs do is have regional egg contest to promote the breed. Travel Table display kits that can be sent to people working club tables and poultry shows, news letters, annual meets etc.

    I was invited to repeat the table display at the Fancy Feathers Poultry show in New Braunfels next March. I think that if we could get a half dozen CLB owner to commit to work the table and participate in an egg contest that would be a good location for the first CLB club meeting for the Texas group.

    We probably need to get a website up, and club logo, and treasure, regional representatives, etc.
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    I dont think they will like to hear that some(at least partially) of their stock are just not close to standards and exhibit some Heterozygosity
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    Yes, I have a list about 30ish people long that have been participating in the other thread about SOP, but only about 15 who have sent me contact info as definite potential club members. I'm assuming some of those 30 just haven't gotten around to messaging me and some of them would rather watch the discussions from the periphery. Are we assuming they will see the links on the other threads and come here on their own or should I message those on the list?

    I think a breed database is an excellent idea. A few potential sticking points come to mind though. The biggest one: someone obviously has to take charge of it- that will be very time consuming for them. I for one know I can not in good conscience offer myself for the job because I know I don't have the time to do it properly. Two, I have no experience or knowledge of database creation or what programs would be best suited. I'm hoping others with expertise in this area will chime in. Also, I understand how a breeding database works in general for other animals, but what do people do when data is disputed? It is much easier to know when X cow was placed with X bull, but chickens are... well you know. What happens if someone disputes the lineage of someone's stock? We almost would have to have one person or a committee with the authority and breed knowledge (with club approval) to make final decisions on declaring which stock is pure and can enter the database. This is a major point because we know we are going to have crosses cropping up and people trying to pass them off as pure.

    Just some points to start the discussion rolling. No idea how long this would take- but to get it up and running I'm guessing 6 months to a year!
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    I think having a club is a great idea. I still have a lot to learn about this breed, but would love to help in any way I can.
  7. Being a member...that's one thing. :O)
  9. Could be....but we all will be breeding toward improvement....and the only pure cream legbars in the USA are from there....or derived from birds that are from there.... to the best of my knowledge.

    Just a thought....if you are in Nicaragua.... you could become a member. How cool would it be to have an international club. (cool IMO)
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